Our School

Waters Elementary School is a level 1+ rated neighborhood elementary school, with magnet cluster programs specializing in fine and performing arts, ecology, and technology.

​Our school’s mission is to provide hands-on, authentic learning in all content areas focused on the development of the whole child, through integration of the arts, environmental studies, multiculturalism and technology. ​

Our Mission

WatersToday was created for the purpose of raising and administering money to support Waters Elementary School. Working collaboratively and respectfully with the Thomas J. Waters Elementary School administration, faculty and Waters community, WatersToday strives to continually support, augment and enhance the educational experience of Waters Elementary students. Our primary focus is to support the Waters ecology program and strategic school initiatives.

Your Donation Matters

Funds raised by WatersToday help support the following initiatives:

  • Fine Arts Programming
  • Right At School lunch and recess supervision
  • Circle of Help support for Waters families in need
  • Teacher Wish Lists
  • Ecology Program

Our Pledge Drive

The goal of this year’s Pledge Drive is to raise $85,000. This will help us ensure that the Ecology program lives on at Waters while continuing to support teachers and families during remote learning. A $250 donation from each Waters family would help us reach this goal, but donations in any amount get us closer.

Donate on November 12 or 13 and be entered to win a Solo Stove to make socially distanced outdoor entertaining a bit more comfortable and enjoyable this winter.

Donate $750 or more during the entire pledge drive and be entered to win a $250 gift certificate to Gather, one of Lincoln Square's coziest and most delicious restaurants.

It has been a difficult year, but it is important to remember that we are a community. We are in this together!

Who We Are


WatersToday operates on a volunteer basis and encourages parents to get involved in the many initiatives that take place throughout the year. In addition to fundraising, the board currently helps lead communications and volunteer efforts for Waters Elementary.

President: Kortney Moore
Vice-President: Hope Nichols
Co-Treasurers: Sam Kaune, Jesse Brannan
Secretary: Jacqueline Gaines
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Jaime Murphy, Sherry Mayberry
​Volunteer Co-Chairs: Maripa Davison, Popahna Brandes
Communications Co-Chairs: Mary Gallery, Cara Sullivan